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Professional Ice Cream Scoop -how I Discovered I Could Be A Professional Soda Jerk In My Home

Life is full of surprises that is for sure. They dont teach you everything in school. Sometimes, the things they teach you are not exactly what happens in real life. Nevertheless, experience has always been my greatest teacher, especially when it comes to choosing the best ice cream scoops. Dont get me wrong. I dont have any intentions of creating my own ice cream parlor or working as a professional ice cream soda jerk. But the point is, if you want to serve something to your family and loved ones, you better use something that is inexpensive yet high quality, professional-grade.

When I was only beginning my ice cream adventures, I used to dig into the ice cream with a spoon and many times the handle would simply give in to the pressure. I cannot remember how many spoons I have bent and disfigured simply because it was not sturdy enough to cut through the slab of frozen ice cream. I did follow some tips about warming the scoop first before scooping ice cream. Well, it did facilitate the entry of the spoon but scooping the ice cream out bent the handle again. I really needed one of those commercial ice cream scoops.

So, I bought what any inexperienced homemaker would a cheap plastic ice cream scoop that looked a little more like an over-prized, over-sized, powdered milk scoop. It was quite thick though and it came in bright red color. Unfortunately, when I used it, I noticed some cracks in the scoop itself. Additionally, I had to be careful about exerting more pressure than necessary because the scoop might break. So it was more an issue of finding the correct angle of approach to the ice cream and the use of just the right amount of pressure. However, I love my ice cream hard so that it will melt in my mouth when I take a full block in. I dont like licking it. I prefer swirling it inside my mouth like you would a candy letting its creamy richness coat the insides of my mouth. Its a lot more interesting, cooler, and refreshing this way. Unfortunately, with the cheap and flimsy plastic scoop I got, I really dont see how I can enjoy my favorite dessert.

There are many different types of ice-cream scoops, and good thing a friend introduced me to the SuperEze icecream scoop. It looks very much like the vintage Cralle design except that the SuperEze scooper can be handled with absolute ease whether you are right handed or left handed. The release mechanism is so ingenious. I couldnt find any spring or trigger unlike other cheap ice cream scoops I have seen so far. Now I tell you, this is the best ice cream scoop ever. The design remained faithful to the original, making it look so professional, like those that are often seen in ice cream parlors all over the world. Gliding through my block of ice cream has never been this easy. I can create smaller balls of ice cream which I can use to slowly bathe my mouth. Talk about experience.

The SuperEze ice cream scoop has definitely given me the opportunity to be a professional ice cream soda jerk right in my home. And I am sure, you would, too.


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