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How To Order The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

If you walk into a coffee shop these days it can get a little complicated if you aren't familiar with the sizes and names when it comes to ordering a coffee. There is an entire language you will need to know if you are going to place an order for a perfect cup of coffee!

It all starts with placing your coffee order. You are no longer talking to a waitress but a barista. These are people who make and serve coffee drinks as a profession.

Firstly, you figure out the size of the coffee you want to purchase. If you check out the menu you might find there is a special name for the different sizes available. This is especially true if you go to Starbucks as some of their sizes have special names. You can choose from: a short (8 ounces), tall (12 ounces), Grande (16 ounces) and Venti (20 ounces).

The hardest decision will be what coffee drink to order. Certainly you can still get black coffee with cream and sugar. However, the most common coffee beverages are cafes or espressos. Sure you can always order a plain black coffee but where is the fun in that when you could order a cappuccino, latte or a mocha.

If you choose a latte which is an espresso shot with the addition of steamed milk. A cappuccino on the other hand has equal parts of espresso, steamed and frothed milk. A mocha is similar to latte or cappuccino but has the addition of chocolate syrup.

The following list of different coffee beverages contains just a few of the drinks available in most coffee shops.

Caffe Americano: This is a single shot of espresso with the addition of six to eight ounces of hot water.

Espresso Con Panna: This coffee is made by adding whipped cream to an espresso shot.

Ristretto: A small shot of espresso that has a very intense flavor. The water that is allowed to pass through the coffee grounds while the coffee is being brewed is restricted to a small amount.

Lungo: This drink is made using a longer pull of espresso. A larger amount of water moves through the coffee grounds while the coffee is being brewed.

Cafe Breva: Instead of using whole milk, the Cappuccino that is made with Half and Half.

Dry: An espresso made with a small amount of foam and no steamed milk.

Chairo: An espresso drink made by adding more milk.

Caffe Mochaccino: This is a fancy Cappuccino that has chocolate syrup added.

Frappe: Perfect for a hot day this coffee drink made using ice cream and milk.

Shot in the Dark: This is an espresso shot that has been added to a regular coffee cup and then the rest of cup is filled with drip coffee.

After you first taste the coffee you will be able to judge the consistency of the drink. Next you may want to describe how the coffee tasted. Was the coffee bitter or buttery, spicy or sweet, stale or has a chocolate flavor?

Responsible Service Of Alcohol Training Isn't Just For Bartenders

There are some people interested in entering the hospitality/ food service industry but are under the misconception that only bartenders need to undergo mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol training.

According to state laws, if you are involved in the sale, supply and service of alcohol on licensed premises, you must complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training. Those that must undergo this training include bar staff, security staff of licensed venues, pub managers and even waitrons serving alcohol.

You may be asking, ‘why is this training so important?’ The answer is because it enables servers, whether working a pub, nightclub, hotel or bar to understand their obligations in serving alcohol responsibly and the consequences of failing to comply with these obligations.

 It also teaches servers of alcohol, the strategies that can be implemented to make a venue more responsible in its supply of alcohol to patrons. This will ensure a safer environment and will keep the good reputation of the venue intact, after all venues known for drunken brawls aren’t necessarily the most popular nightspots and are often the target of police, which is ultimately very bad for business.

The good news is that RSA training can be completed online, which is what thousands of people around Australia have chosen to do.

The course teaches bartenders and servers how to recognize when a patron has had too much to drink and how to refuse them alcohol. It also teaches servers about denying alcohol to minors which in itself is a breach that carries thousands of dollars in fines.

Even sommeliers giving diners advice on what wines to pair with their meal should complete Responsible Service of alcohol training.

There is no longer any need for face-to-face training when the online course is so much more affordable and convenient, doing away with the hassle of classroom learning, travelling to and fro and parking.

The course is preferred by people with busy schedules such as parents, full time workers and those who just don’t want to be bothered with learning in a classroom because the course can be completed anytime, night or day, 7 days a week.

You basically hold all the power when it comes to how and when you complete the course. You can choose to do it all at once or over a number of days in smaller chunks. Every time you sign in, it will pick up where you last left off.

Even if your computer literacy is limited, the course is easy to follow and the online delivery is state of the art, facilitating easy completion. Instructions are clear and concise and presented in both audio and video. As long as you have a computer (or IPad, IPhone or Android device) with access to a printer and the internet, you can complete the course in a matter of hours and print your certificate as proof of having done so.